Northern California Okinawa Dance Academy

Northern California Okinawa Dance Academy
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 School of Okinawan-Japanese Cultural Dance

    History - About Okinawa Japan

    An ancient kingdom of glittering seas, lush green islands, and fields of sugarcane, Okinawa enjoys a measured pace of life that's far removed from any hectic city routine. A sub-tropical climate keeps Okinawa pleasantly warm even when the rest of Japan is shivering, and in the scorching summer months it is a kaleidoscope of brilliant flowers, dazzling white beaches and stunning coral, making the islands perfect for diving, water-skiing, sailing and every other form of ocean recreation. Okinawa also has a proud artistic and musical tradition, and is home to many unusual and beautiful species of flora and fauna.

    Okinawa is located south of mainland Japan in the East China Sea. The capital city, Naha, is within a two hour flight to Tokyo, Taipei, Hong Kong, Seoul, Shanghai, and Manila.


    Nada Sou Sou - Rimi Natsukawa

    Okinawan's history prevails through song and dance. The recent entry of the song Nada Sou Sou broke new grounds in Japanese history. The song written by BEGIN in Okinawa sang by renown artist Rimi Natsukawa became the first Okinawan folk song to make Japan's top 10 list. Actors and Actresses from Okinawa have paved the way for Okinawan dance. But today, Nada Sou Sou is a full motion picture, winning several awards and the song has been translated into several Asian languages as the power of Okinawan song has prospered.

    Thank you Rimi for giving us the love of Okinawa.

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